May 7, 2020

Top 5 corona social media cures

By nshashi

Not all healthy advice on social media can be blindly trusted.
A lot of unverified information are getting forwarded online.

List of top social media cures are-

  1. 5G spreads corona virus– These theories about 5G supresses the immune system. Some also claim that it can transmit the virus. How can virus travel on mobile network……Joke of the year…….

2. Certain food or drink can cure covid -19 – Cow urine, tea or turmeric water are remedies for covid-19 on social media. Turmeric water is essential but there is no such evidence that it is a cure. Some goes with other good foods too which contribute to healthy diet but are not cures.

3. Smoking reduces covid-19 risk- There is no scientific consensus which state so. Smoking kills is not just a saying. In fact smoking damages the lungs and harms the immune system. Smokers are also more likely to touch their face when smoking and have higher chances of transmission.

4. Pets can spread corona virus to humans– No known case of pets passing on the virus to humans till now. Though some cats and dogs have been found to be infected with the virus and it’ s possible their fur can become contaminated if they have been in contact with an infected person. but the risk is very low.

5. Blow dryers- YES! You read right. Blow dryers have heated elements and a fan. Deliver forced air temperatures well above the level needed to kill corona virus …….WHAT …….People have been found doing this too.

Just keep washing your hands and maintain social distancing and protect yourself and others.