May 6, 2020

Indian Ancient formula for hair, skin and Immunity

By nshashi

India has many resource which are ancient and comes from the ancient science Ayurveda. India’s Ayurveda have answers of many human problems related to health.

It is based on three key concept which are Nidana (the diagnostic measures), Ahar ( food that act as internal medicine) and kaya chikitra (body treatment).

Many health problems develop solely because of food habits of people . Ayurveda is full of secret herbs and also exercises.

Accordingly 12 things are listed down

  1. 1. Paranayama– Breathing plays an extremely crucial role in the regulation and maintenance of Prana (life). It has many breathing techniques and Asanas . Correct breathing is also great way to detoxify body.

2. Refrigerated food and drinks – Refrigerated drinks should never be consumed. Drinks should be fresh fruit juice and consumed without adding sugar or ice. Food once cooked should not be stored for long time.

3. Avoid Sugar – Added sugar is not required thing for the body. Natural sugar is available in food so our body will remain healthy by only them.

4. Cooked oil – Our body also don’t require cooked oil. All oils are essential before they are cooked or used in deep frying. Think if people will again switch on to the pure form of eating food that is consuming only fruits and boiled vegetables , our body will completely change. All ladies who are trying expensive creams and want to have the most beautiful skin. Just think no oiled or greasy food will turn you into a beauty. (Food should be eaten less but frequently)

5. Pure virgin oil– Cooked oil is harmful but not uncooked oil which can be used from top on boiled vegetables. olive oil contains large amount of antioxidants. coconut oil help in weight loss and help against infections. Coconut water, coconut oil and coconut milk , all is important and health improving substances.

6. Water- Warm water is the best. Cold water reduces the benefits . Warm water should be the first thing to be taken after getting up. Minimum 8 glass of water that is the basic requirement of our body. But water should not be immediately taken after having meal. At least 1\2 hr of gap should be there. Also when vegetables are boiled, the water left should not be thrown but consumed too.

7. Spices – Black pepper, salt, cinnamon powder , cumin powder, haldi (turmeric) and more spices including coriander, mint leaves etc. They help in giving immunity and have anti inflammation properties.

8. Bhringraj for hairs – Known as king of herbs and oils, cure hair problems. Make a paste from fresh bhringraj oil and use it to massage the oil or paste on your scalp. It has anti inflammatory and anti- microbial properties.

9. Flawless skin– Chandan or Sandalwood is considered best. It also has cooling properties. Makes skin soft and clear. Chandan powder is also available online in various sites .

10. For better digestion– Ginger which can be grated and consumed fresh with few drops of lime juice and salt be added to it.

11. Turmeric and black pepper – They detoxify our body and boost immunity. Even garlic help fight cholesterol and give immunity.

12. Bael leaf (Indian name) – Most powerful for Immunity, skin, hair and digestion. It purifies, detoxifies our body. The only difficult part is to find this tree. Try growing it in your garden or near park. Daily consuming six leaves will show you the difference which will be difficult to believe. (Don’t have to buy dry bael leaves available in market but the fresh leaves plucked directly) .